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The secret of happy singles

Nicole Vening

The secret of happy singles - Finding your Mr Right in 10 positive steps! We all know them. Women who have happily been with the same decent man for years, or who after a breakup, find a new partner in no time. What is their secret? How do they manage that? Good news! You too can find a great partner. Singles coach, Nicole Vening is convinced that the basis for success, in general, lies with truly being happy with yourself and your life. Besides this, it is also crucial to develop a personal success strategy. And the great thing is that you are able to create this yourself! In this DIY-book filled with provocative science-based assignments and fun facts about love and life, Nicole pulls you out of your comfort zone. Ten clear steps form together a beautiful pathway through which you are guaranteed to succeed. You will not be left to your own devices. Together with the people around you, you will discover many different positive aspects of your life. You would be surprised how well that works. Nicole Vening (1972) in 2009 developed a unique coaching method, based on the increasingly popular Appreciative Inquiry-philosophy. With this method she walks alongside highly educated women towards healthy and well-balanced relationships. Nicole has coached demanding singles on the Dutch TV-show Te mooi om waar te zijn (Too Good To Be True) and was a contributing expert with Psychology Magazine. Since 2013 she has been the singles coach for PARSHIP a Dutch online dating site.

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