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A wisp of heaven

C. Hampton Jones

A Wisp of Heaven ~ C. Hampton Jones Lucinda van Noord is an international famous Seer and visionary. When she sees herself, by way of regression therapy, as the 21 year old quart-Jewish Lisa Voerman in a concentration camp during World War II, doubt begins to strike her. Lisa died after she gave birth to twins who fell into the hands of the experimental camp physician A. Messer. Lucinda decides to stop her grand sessions as a visionary and leaves for a holiday with her twin daughters to Scuol in Switzerland. There she meets three members of the wealthy von Ravensmünde family: André, the playboy and his sisters Cara and Marina. Her fifteen-year-old daughters plunge themselves into the jet-set of St. Moritz and Lucinda hesitantly follows: she has fallen in love with André. Her problem is that her former life in the Second World War and her current life as a Seer seem to blend more and more together.

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