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Dr. Jetske All about your skin

Dr. Jetske All about your skin

Jetske Ultee

Dr. Jetske Ultee asks, "Do you, too, dream of having beautiful skin? Have you already spent a small fortune on creams, lotions and serums, pursuing that dream? If so, you probably discovered some time ago that those products often promise the earth, but don't actually do that much. The more I have delved into the workings of cosmetics, the more shocked I have become by the nonsense, the half-truths and the out-and-out lies that we are bombarded with by adverts, commercials, and on the labels of all of those gorgeous little jars, bottles and tubes. My book, All about your skin, offers a guide into using safe products and even revolutionary ingredients which genuinely do something for your skin. Do you see creams containing lavender, citrus, mint, eucalyptus, alcohol? Or oxybenzone? Leave them well alone!'' Dr. Jeske Ultee has poured all her knowledge into this book. Read how your skin can be more beautiful, smoother and radiant in just a few months' time. Read about what you should do, what you shouldn't do, and about ingredients that really work. Armed with the knowledge in this book, the world of cosmetics will no longer hold any secrets for you. And knowledge is power - especially when it comes to skin care. For all skin types and for all ages, Dr. Jetske's All about your skin book gives the very best care tips. Tips for the mature customer, for babies, for sun worshipers. Tips for those with acne, pigmentations or very sensitive skin. Dr. Jetske always gives the advice: what you should not do, and, above all, what you really should do.

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